1 May 2019

Delayed flights or air terminal delays have almost become the ‘new normal’ in our airline industry and being on time has practically become the “new abnormal” situation in terminals. 

Almost every day, we hear or experience these long hours of delay on the estimated time of departure despite the airline rule that passengers must be in the assigned terminal at least two hours before the flight. 
This means that if your flight is delayed for two hours, then you wasted five hours of your precious time inside the airport. That is good if you are in the business or first class where you enjoy the amenities in their lounges. But for most passengers in the economy section, they suffered more due to these flight delays.

Thus, there is an imperative need to amend the existing Air Passengers Bill of Rights (APBR) of Republic Act No. 776 or the Civil Aeronautics Act of the Philippines.

Instead of the compensation for their meals received by passengers whose flights are delayed for three hours provided under APBR, it should be amended in that in case of delay of at least one hour, each affected passenger shall be entitled to P2,000 as compensation and an additional P500 pesos for every additional hour of delay whether or not the delay is attributable to the carrier. 

Should the delay be attributable to the airport management, then the latter should refund whatever damages the carrier pays its passengers.
Passengers are practically within the mercy of these carriers when their flights are delayed that they could not do anything but wait within the crowded area of the airports.

Because of the APBR provision, that meal allowance is given for at least 3 hours delay or immediate compensation for 6 hours delay, these carriers would just beat this allowed 3 hours delay and would not care at all if passengers would wait that long. 

Hence, this proposal that immediate compensation of at least P2,000 for all passengers whose flights are delayed for one hour and additional compensation of P500 for every additional hour of delay.