1 May 2019

China nga ang sumisira sa ating mga likas na yaman. Bakit sila ang hihingan natin ng tulong sa pagprotekta nito? China nga ang nang-aagaw ng ating mga isla. Bakit natin sila papapasukin sa ating teritoryo.

The proposal to invite China to help protect the natural resources in the West Philippine Sea is wrong in so many levels. We should not entrust the protection of our seas and marine resources to the number one threat to our national security. If the government intends to make certain parts of West Philippine Sea marine protected area, shouldn’t they be more careful with China? Bantay-salakay ang maaaring mangyari dyan kung sa China tayo mismo lalapit.

This will be another opportunity for China to freely assert their presence in our territory. We are giving them more access to conduct illegal activities which includes destruction of the marine environment, blockade against Filipino fishermen, and conduct of research on our marine resources without consent. What does our government really want — to protect West Philippine Sea or give it away to China with ease?

I reiterate my call for the government to develop a maritime strategy, specifically for the West Philippine Sea, to guide all stakeholders on their roles in asserting our rights in the West Philippine Sea. The Philippine government should focus on how to deploy and maximize our existing security forces, maritime agencies, and research institutions to protect our marine resources in the West Philippine Sea. Marine cooperation among nations is also a welcome proposal, but this should be studied carefully and defined rules and guidelines must be established. ###