30 April 2019

On this day, 82 years ago, we, Filipinas, won our right to vote. It was a hard-won battle for women’s equality that our suffragist foremothers fought for. Yet, the struggle to enlarge the space for women in politics continues. The politics of patronage and corruption endures.

Let us make our stand clear through our vote in the coming election. Let it be known that Filipinas do not support an administration

  • that sends women officials to jail on false charges and removes those critical
    of extra judicial killings and other forms of human rights violations;
  • that promotes fake news against independent women leaders and files
    trumped up charges against independent women journalists, even accusing
    them of plotting the President’s ouster;
  • that makes a bad example of how to harass female subordinates and overseas Filipino workers, of making jokes of rape of women and other forms
    of violence against women, even telling soldiers that they can rape women or shoot them in the vagina.

Let our votes show our strong disapproval of this administration’s wrong approach to fighting the problem of illegal drugs. Nearly 300 women have been killed in the war on drugs. Hundreds of thousands of mothers, wives and children were left  widowed and orphaned with the deaths of 30,000 boys and men on mere suspicion, on the basis of unverified narco lists.

The defeat of senatorial, congressional and other candidates of the administration will be the resounding expression of our disapproval of the freeing of plunderers, recycling of corrupt officials, and the restitution of the Marcos legacy. We oppose
the surrender of our patrimony to our aggressive neighbor, China, the illegal entry of their workers and the onerous secretive loans.

This is not the path we want our country to take. Knowing that reversal will be so difficult, we must stop this administration on its corrupt and treasonous track!

Take back our dignity and rights. Iboto OTSO DIRETSO!